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Bugstoppers Melbourne ® the benchmark in the Pest Control industry. As a company, Bugstoppers has been recognized as the best environmentally Pest Control company available.

Our pest Managers have many years of experience in dealing with different pests. As a company, we have an effective pest control solution to meet every need. Our technicians inspect every property and explain our procedures and this gives you peace of mind

Bugstoppers Pest Control is environmentally conscious when it comes to pest control and your environment. Our trained technicians will ensure that you, your children and pets will be safe during treatments.

As a company we have developed a process for our pest management. When visiting the property,
Examine and identify the type of pests
Record the severity of the infestation
Report of the outcomes and findings
Best suitable treatment plan

Our plan as always is to treat the problem with the safest chemical for a healthier environment for your children and your home.


At Bugstoppers Melbourne we are the leading commercial pest control company. We serve residential, commercial and industrial properties. Bugstoppers trained technicians meet the challenge of your property. We can offer a safer environment for everyone by using the least amount of pesticide. Bugstoppers complies with all OH&S regulations and all government requirements


Our company always works with you in dealing with your pest problem. We are never reactive when it comes to dealing with your pest problem but we are always proactive. We will always give you sound advice and tips on how to manage your problem.

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