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Our licensed and fully trained pest Managers specialise in safe, green, and natural pest control. We believe that our environment requires management not just blasting everything with pesticides. As pest control technicians, we always inspect, assess, then we explain and clearly communicate about how we implement our services and treatments. Every insect has its own habitat requirements and this is why at Bugstoppers we never use a blanket approach when it comes to pest control. As a company, we come up with an effective plan based on your individual needs and tailor a solution so that we use the least amount of pesticides, and in some cases, we may not even use any pesticides at all. In this situation, we advise on habitat modifications so we can work with you to make your home or office less attractive to pest.

Your decision to choose Bugstoppers Melbourne will give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your family and pets. We offer natural pest control you will not be living in a house that has toxic chemicals throughout and that may cause allergies or illness.

Bugstoppers use various methods to control pests.

  • cultural methods – We change the conditions to make them less favourable for pests. Which exposes pests to predation or destroys their food, shelter, and breeding habitats.
  • physical methods – We prevent pests from entering the area using methods such as traps, and barriers or physically remove them.

IPM can be applied in many settings, such as in homes, gardens, workplaces, and natural spaces, and schools.

In some cases, we may not be able to deal with your problem without using chemicals therefore we only use products that are the most environmentally safe on the market today. These are “synthetic pyrethroids” (approved by the APVMA) which are an enhanced man-made version of Pyrethrum, a naturally occurring substance found in Pyrethrum daisies. As they are water-based, you don’t have a solvent smell. As always we are careful to inform you in advance of any extra precautions you may want to take for pets and children.

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