Termite Myths

Termite Damage

Termites Are Attracted to Moisture

Yes termites are attracted to moisture and this creates a very high risk of termite infection.


Termites Only Live In Trees

Many species of termites build their nests in tree stumps or under patios and can travel over a hundred metres in search of a suitable food source to feed the colony.

These ‘subterranean’ termites are generally the most harmful to manmade structures. They are difficult to detect, and are not often located until extensive damage has been done. There are also other species that predominantly live in trees; these are arboreal termites these termites have a nest that is clearly visible as a growth or dark lump on the tree. They can be found in suburbs as well as parkland.

Black Ants

When Black Ants Are Around Termites Won’t Exist

Termites can exist by hiding themselves from Black Ants, by building mud tubes to conceal their presents from black ants, sunlight and other predators.


We Don’t Need Termite Inspections.

If you have a chemical or physical barrier you need to have a yearly inspection. This protects your warranty (if you have one) and ensures that your property is free from termites and the damage they cause.

Treated Wood

Termites Won’t Eat Treated Timber

Termites under certain circumstance will consume treated timber .These timbers may have a high moisture content which will create a significant problem or may not be treated right through the timber which means that the center may not be treated.


Petrol Or Solvents Will Fix My Problem

By pouring Petrol or other Solvents over termites you will cause the colony to move elsewhere and make them harder to treat and only kill the termites that the solvent come in contact with.

Termite Damage

My Home Insurance Will Cover Termite Damage

In Australia, BILLIONS are spent on termite damage each year and none of it are covered by insurance. Termite damage is your responsibility.

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