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European wasps have thrived in Australia as an introduced species, they lack natural predators. In Australia the winters are milder so the nest does not die like they do in Europe therefore the nests tend to be larger. Due to this fact it makes them a problem in Victoria. They have an aggressive nature and can sting multiple times without dying. Their sting also has a scent of pheromone that alerts other wasps to attack and in some cases have known to kill pets and livestock. This species is commonly drawn to social activities, especially barbeques. They are attracted to sugar and food. They may hide inside soft drink cans when left unattended so always drink from a straw. If you encounter a large number of them do not disturb them as they have the potential to attack. If you find a nest near your home keep your windows closed, keep children away and put cats and dogs in a safe place, then call a professional. Under no circumstance spray with fly spray or pour petrol or other petroleum products on them as this will only cause them to attack.

The European wasp, Vespula germanica, is an established pest in Australia. They are non-native wasp and first appeared in Australia in 1959 in Tasmania and by 1978 they were also known in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Western Australia, and are now firmly established in all these areas. The European wasp is very aggressive and can sting up to twenty times this may cause severe reactions. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to seek further medical advice. A small percentage of people will experience anaphylaxis from wasp stings. For any life-threatening symptoms such as anaphylactic shock immediately call emergency services on 000.

There are two honey bee species in Australia: the European honey bee (Apis mellifera), introduced for beekeeping in the 1820s, and the Asian Honey bee (Apis cerana) which was accidentally introduced to Far North Queensland (Cairns) sometime around 2007. Although the Asian honey bees are a close relative and do share many attributes. They are less amicable for commercial beekeeping. Bee are not as aggressive as European Wasps they only sting once and then die so they tend not to sting unless they have no option

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